Sunday, 25 February 2007

William's rent is late.

Oops, I did it again. William is a good person always on time with bills and has never forgotten to pay. But that was before he met The Gimp.

Today william got a message from his landlord that he was late with rent. He knows that he is late because I made him go to Las Vegas and spend all the money on blackjack. I also puked in his hotelroom and stole some towls. Never go to Las Vegas with The Gimp. NEVER!

It wasn't william. It was me!

Saturday, 24 February 2007

Jim's roof leaks

The very able and hardworking Jim has been working on his roof all week. It's finally finished and looks great. Well, until I came and poked a big hole just above the kitchen making it leak like crasy.

So I don't understand why his wife is mad at him? How could he know that a gimp would poke holes in his roof? Nothing that DIY stores warns about that I know of.

It wasn't Jim, It was me!